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NEW: Eyelash Extensions Full Set
Relax while we apply long-lasting eyelash extensions one-by-one to your natural lashes. This treatment will provide you with long, thick, luscious, natural-looking eyelashes. Great for everyday wear; NovaLash has received awards for the best eyelash extension adhesive.
Scroll down to see examples of Erin's work.
  • 2 hours - $125
NEW: Eyelash Extensions Refill
Keep your lashes beautiful with routine refills. At least 50% of lashes remaining are required; if you don't have at least 50%, we recommend starting from scratch with a brand new set. Booking your refill appointments in advance is highly recommend. 
  • 1 hour - $55
Note: For all eyelash extension appointments:
  • Please feel free to bring your own music andheadphonesto use during this treatment: talking is not recommended.
  • Please do not wear any makeup, moisturizer, serum, or other face products to this appointment. Doing so can limit the duration of the lashes.
  • After your eyelash extension appointment, your NovaLash eyelashes will be oil-proof, water-proof, and can be tinted.
  • NOVALASH eyelashes can be used to refill other brands of eyelash extensions.

Airbrush Makeup
Get the perfect look for your special day. Our airbrush makeup lasts all day and night! It is especially good for clients with flawless skin. A trial run is recommended for wedding makeup. Scroll down to see examples.
  • 60 minutes - without eyelash application - $50+
  • 60 minutes - with eyelash application - $60+

Hand Applied Makeup
Perfect for your special day! Our hand-applied makeup is great for clients with imperfections, acne, deep lines and wrinkles. Scroll down to see examples.
  • 60 minutes - without eyelash application - $35+
  • 60 minutes - with eyelash application - $45+
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Bat Your Eyes
Our eyelash application gives you a lush, full look for the night. Scroll down to the Special Occasion Makeup sample section for examples.
Note: These different than the eyelash extensions.
  • 15-20 minutes - individual lashes - $20
  • 15-20 minutes - band lashes - $15

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