Inside Ashiatsu

Thank you to Michelle Pendergrass for taking these outside photos.
Thank you to Michelle Pendergrasss for taking these awesome outside Ashiatsu photos.
What is Ashiatsu?
The Japanese term Ashiatsu is broken down into two words: “Ashi” means foot and “Atsu” means pressure. This barefoot technique utilizes parallel bars over the client for balance and leverage. The therapist uses their body weight and gravity to apply pressure through their bare feet. Using smooth, flowing and gliding techniques on a lubricated skin, the massage provides a deep, relaxing therapeutic massage experience.
Is Ashiatsu Right for You?
Do you enjoy deep tissue massages?
Do you suffer from back or neck pain?
Do you sit at a computer all day and feel like your posture is suffering as a result?
With Ashiatsu, you will get the deeper pressure you've been wanting without any elbows, thumbs or knuckles involved. We use the whole surface of our foot to give you a deeper, relaxing and pain-free massage. The benefits of this technique can include:
Assistance with self-healing
Help in relieving chronic pain
Improvement of lymphatic flow
Improving your posture
Ashiatsu isn’t for everyone and there are some contraindications involved, as there are to any kind of massage technique. I will be more than happy to go over any concerns you may have.
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