Inside Float Haven

How Your Float Haven Was Born
A New Way to Heal
Ely, IA

When Tammy Bryant opened Cloud 9 Massage & Spa in Ely, Iowa, she didn’t anticipate moving locations so quickly, even if it was just across the street. Along with the move included a name addition to include Your Float Haven.

When Bryant first learned about floating on the Dr. Oz show she knew she had to have it at her spa. She started researching and found that there are three main environments to float in (cabin/room, pod, and tank). She tried them all but said “I decided on the pod because it was cozy, but not too tight, which is super important to me since I am very claustrophobic.”

Victoria as she is known around the spa, has been at Cloud 9 Massage & Spa, Your Float Haven for just over a year. She was delivered in July 2016 and created quite the buzz.

I only ordered one float pod because I wasn’t sure how it would do in the Midwest,” said Bryant. “We are more conservative about trying new things here in Iowa, but along the coasts floating is a huge thing.” She was warned against only buying one pod because it had taken off so well on the perimeter of the United States.

Floating can help with a whole host of issues. It helps with muscle pain and joint pain, and it is also a great way to start meditating. Healing is easier in the pod because it blocks out much of the senses of everyday life. 

The pod eliminates sound from coming in and the floater has the option to have the lights and music on or off. The water is set at a constant 93.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is approximately skin temperature, making it easy for the mind to block out the sense of touch, especially since there is no point of pressure. Ridding the body of it’s senses allows healing to happen at a much higher rate than the body could alone. 

Bryant has considered expanding or opening an additional location, but says she never sees herself leaving Ely. She says she wants to update the current location and add some things, then open a float center in an additional location that would only offer floating.  

Written by Adalynn Shaw
Here is the Dr.Oz segment about his first floating experience. This was what made Tammy want to get the pod we have today!
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