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Learn About Tammy's Journey

When I originally became a therapist, I wanted to work in the hospice industry. However, I found that I had much more to give via massages as I learned more of what it was as a whole. With massage, I was able to help more people with their chronic pain by using deeper and more specific massage techniques. This is what led me to the massage modality of Ashiatsu.
In San Antonio, I took a four-day course in learning Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy posterior/anterior/sideline from Jeni Spring. Jeni taught me the benefits and the contraindications of Ashiatsu. She also taught me how to effectively perform each stroke on different body types and the benefits of each of these strokes. She also taught me about Ruthie Hardee, who mastered the skill and brought the technique to the U.S. Hardee founded this massage technique and taught it to other LMTs. Hardee educated herself and did years of research on this amazing technique, then traveled the world learning all different types of bodywork and made Oriental Bar Therapy what it is now. Thanks to her mastering of the skill, she is why Ashiatsu has become what it is in the U.S. today. 
I had taken Ashiatsu training a year prior but felt there were many things I still needed to learn about it. Taking the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy made me feel like my training was only the beginning. Even when the class was over, I still had a lot more to learn. I practiced the training I had received and got written feedback from all of my clients. This helped me to learn what I could improve on and what my clients specifically liked about my technique. After doing the required amount of massage, I turned in my reviews and took the written exam, thus showing that I knew what I was practicing and that my training had been effective.
Through the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy training, I was able to prove myself and my capabilities. I feel privileged to have learned this training from a well-trained, educated instructor. When it comes to learning Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, this is only the beginning. I hope that you will find Ashiatsu massage as amazing and beneficial as I do.

What is Ashiatsu?

The Japanese term Ashiatsu is broken down into two words: “Ashi” means foot and “Atsu” means pressure. This barefoot technique utilizes parallel bars over the client for balance and leverage. The therapist uses their body weight and gravity to apply pressure through their bare feet. Using smooth, flowing and gliding techniques on a lubricated skin, the massage provides a deep, relaxing therapeutic massage experience.

Is Ashiatsu Right for You?

  • Do you enjoy deep tissue massages?
  • Do you suffer from back or neck pain?
  • Do you sit at a computer all day and feel like your posture is suffering as a result?
With Ashiatsu, you will get the deeper pressure you've been wanting without any elbows, thumbs or knuckles involved. We use the whole surface of our foot to give you a deeper, relaxing and pain-free massage. The benefits of this technique can include:
  • Assistance with self-healing
  • Help in relieving chronic pain
  • Improvement of lymphatic flow
  • Improving your posture
Ashiatsu isn’t for everyone and there are some contraindications involved, as there are to any kind of massage technique. I will be more than happy to go over any concerns you may have.

A dōTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

As a dōTERRA essential oils wellness advocate, I have been using their products in my spa and for myself for the past two years. What I've found is absolutely amazing, as I found my attitude was improved, my anxiety lessened and I haven’t had a weak immune system like I had in the past.

I also use essential oils on my two sons. I put On Guard in their bathwater to help prevent them from developing a weak immune system. My older son is in school and my youngest is in daycare, so they are both exposed to germs all day long. So I will do whatever I can do to boost their immune system. The dōTERRA essentials oils are so pure that they never irritate my skin or my children's skin, like other oils have in the past. I use the Deep Blue on clients suffering from tight muscles, rather than over-the-counter muscle rubs. I've found that my clients love the smell and their muscles respond quicker with the Deep Blue than with other muscle rubs. By working with dōTERRA essential oils, I found myself wanting to tell more people about the products I was using on them, by educating them on how the oils work and how to access them. Not only do I love the essential oils that dōTERRA makes but I love what the company stands for. dōTERRA will not simply go to a country and harvest the plants for oil, but they create jobs in those countries where they weren't before. These are just a few of the reasons why I love dōTERRA and I hope that you will too!

Ask me how I can help you with dōTERRA. I look forward to helping you get on the road to a healthier you. Give us a call at 319.929.2126 for more information.
How Your Float Haven was born
A New Way to Heal
Ely, IA

When Tammy Bryant opened Cloud 9 Massage & Spa in Ely, Iowa, she didn’t anticipate moving locations so quickly, even if it was just across the street. Along with the move included a name addition to include Your Float Haven.

When Bryant first learned about floating on the Dr. Oz show she knew she had to have it at her spa. She started researching and found that there are three main environments to float in (cabin/room, pod, and tank). She tried them all but said “I decided on the pod because it was cozy, but not too tight, which is super important to me since I am very claustrophobic.”

Victoria as she is known around the spa, has been at Cloud 9 Massage & Spa, Your Float Haven for just over a year. She was delivered in July 2016 and created quite the buzz.

I only ordered one float pod because I wasn’t sure how it would do in the Midwest,” said Bryant. “We are more conservative about trying new things here in Iowa, but along the coasts floating is a huge thing.” She was warned against only buying one pod because it had taken off so well on the perimeter of the United States.

Floating can help with a whole host of issues. It helps with muscle pain and joint pain, and it is also a great way to start meditating. Healing is easier in the pod because it blocks out much of the senses of everyday life. 

The pod eliminates sound from coming in and the floater has the option to have the lights and music on or off. The water is set at a constant 93.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is approximately skin temperature, making it easy for the mind to block out the sense of touch, especially since there is no point of pressure. Ridding the body of it’s senses allows healing to happen at a much higher rate than the body could alone. 

Bryant has considered expanding or opening an additional location, but says she never sees herself leaving Ely. She says she wants to update the current location and add some things, then open a float center in an additional location that would only offer floating.  

Written by Adalynn Shaw
Here is the Dr.Oz segment about his first floating experience. This was what made Tammy want to get the pod we have today!
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