Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

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Foot Treatments

Foot Haven

A foot haven treatment at Cloud 9 Massage & Spa, Your Float Haven will send your feet into a state of true relaxation. This treatment starts with warm towels around your feet, then we will exfoliate your feet with mountain salt and honey butter to give them a nice, refreshed feeling. This treatment is topped off with a smooth foot massage, leaving your feet feeling refreshed at the end.
  • 40 minutes - $55

Foot Bliss

Pamper your feet with our foot bliss treatment! It all begins with a hot towel treatment, followed by a foot masque. While that soaks in, relax with a face, scalp and neck massage. The remainder of the treatment is spent massaging your feet, focusing on any pressure points that are causing you discomfort. The end result leaves you feeling relieved and relaxed to the fullest.
  • 45 minutes - $60
  • 60 minutes - $75

Walking on Cloud 9

This treatment takes your hands and/or feet on a journey that you won't forget! This treatment will help with increasing your circulation to the skin. It begins with a nice hand or foot massage that uses warm oil to open pores and soften your hands or feet. It also helps relieve stiff joints and alleviate any pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis, and sore muscles. Next, send your hands and/or feet into a heavenly bath of warm paraffin wax and relax while it soaks in and sets. When your treatment is complete, we will help you release your hands and/or feet from the wax so you can enjoy the lasting effects of this treatment.
  • 30 minutes (hands or feet) - $50
  • 60 minutes (hands and feet) - $80

Spa Packages

Clear As Mud Spa Package

Treat yourself to a peaceful mud wrap at Cloud 9 Massage & Spa. This will include a hot towel treatment, a volcanic lava mud wrap, a shower and end with a 40-minute therapeutic body massage. This treatment will not only help you to relax and take away your daily stress, but the mud will help to pull impurities from your skin and lead to improved circulation.
  • Two hours (approximately) - $150

My Treat Spa Package

Indulge yourself with a mountain salt and honey wrap spa treatment. This will not only take away the stress of your day but also remove any ashy skin. Start with a hot towel treatment, then enjoy an exfoliating and moisturizing wrap, which will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. Then you will shower and return for a relaxing 40-minute therapeutic body massage, aiding in the improvement of your overall well-being and circulation.
  • Two hours (approximately) - $150

Double Dose Spa Package

You'll melt away with double the relaxation thanks to this package. It includes a hot towel treatment, a salt & honey wrap with time for everything to soak in, a shower, then another hot towel treatment, a volcanic lava and mud wrap, and a face & scalp massage while the wrap sets, and finally another shower. It all ends with a 60-minute therapeutic body massage. You will be floating on Cloud 9 by the time we're done!
  • Three hours (approximately) - $209

Our Spa Add-Ons


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